Newcastle’s Chancel Mbemba: Three birthdays “misinformation” about me has been blown apart by bone tests

Chancel Mbemba has revealed his hurt at being accused of having THREE birthdays in three different years.
Newcastle’s new £8million defender has hit back at claims he is older than his official age of 21.
Kinshasa-born Mbemba has admitted he underwent bone tests to prove he was born on August 8th 1994.
The DR Congo international, signed from Anderlecht as part of the Magpies’ £35million summer investment, had his career stalled by lies over his age.
He was alleged to have been registered as born in 1988 early in his career, but then on November 30th 1991 for the Africa Cup of Nations three years ago.
However, the 1994 one is the correct birthdate — used by Anderlecht and for Congo’s World Cup qualification squad.
Mbemba said: “I got bone tests done and, as me and my friends all know, the results prove what my age is. I just go out and play football, no misinformation.
“A lot has been said about my birthdate and the different ages. I proved exactly what the truth is.
“People in Africa know, me and my family, friends and anyone who knows Chancel Mbemba knows I was born on August 8th, 1994. That is all that matters.
“Sometimes in Africa when people see someone doing well they try to bring them down or harm they career. I am not that kind of person, I have my friends and family and I don’t have any harmful thoughts in my heart or in my head.
“All that should matter to people is what I do on the pitch
From The Mirror

Chancel Mbemba


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